Welcome to the new home of Sumner Crossfit! We've done so much inside of the gym that we felt our website needed an update to reflect it! We hope this website provides you with all the information you may be looking for about our gym. For members as well as those looking to drop in or join us, take a look around and if you have any questions, shoot us a message! Just a brief summary of what you can find around here on our NEW SITE! 

First and foremost, we want you to know how to join us! Our class schedule has been updated and pricing is listed, you can check it all out right here: 

We've updated our coaching page. 

We've added an online shop. You can pay for DROP INS and MEMBERSHIPS here. We've also partnered with Northwest Lift Apparel to offer a few new gear options. These will be shipped directly from their manufacturing to your doorstep! 

The daily WOD feed. We post our workouts daily on the Facebook page but it is available to be seen here as well. For the most current updates and announcements, always check our Facebook page first. 

We hope you find yourself at home here on the new site! Again, any questions- don't hesitate to let us know!