Member Spotlight: Heather Peterson

Name: Heather Peterson

Nickname: Hp

Where Are you From? : Grangeville, Idaho

When Did you Start Crossfit?: Oct. 2009


Most frequented class time: 5 pm

Occupation and/or Hobbies : Occupation: Commercial Senior Property Manager
Hobbies: CrossFit; reading; boating, camping and spending time with friends

If you had to write an "About Me" what would it say?: I'm an only child who was fortunate to be raised along side my cousins (mostly all girls) and love them all like sisters. When we all get together you can be sure we'll find trouble. I moved to Seattle a little over 20 years ago from small town Idaho and if you'd asked me back then I'd have told you this was temporary and never would have thought I'd make Washington my home. Shawn and I met 11 years ago and try to spend our weekends doing something fun - mostly camping or boating. This is why you'll rarely find me at CrossFit on a Saturday morning.

Do you have any pets? : 2 incredibly spoiled dogs, Daisy and Pepper, who enjoy spending their weekdays napping and barking at the UPS driver and weekends camping with us and begging for treats.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 9.09.32 PM.png

Favorite Movements or Workouts: Handstand push-ups, toes-to-bar and snatches

Least Favorite Movements or Workouts : Thrusters

2 Goals you're working on: Ring muscle ups and a better squat

Favorite Cheat Meal: Tacos!

Biggest Crossfit / Fitness Achievement so far : 1 ring muscle up over a year ago - have not been able to repeat it since.

Something people at the gym probably don't know about you: I enjoy cleaning and organizing.

When not working or at the gym, you can be found doing...: Cleaning, lavishing my pups with lots of love and attention, camping and hanging out with friends.

What is one thing still left on your bucket list?: Traveling to Iceland

If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose?: Time travel

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Emoji: Winking emoji

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