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Snatch Clinic with Mike Cerbus

We had the opportunity to invite Mike Cerbus into our gym this past weekend for a small snatch clinic with some of our coaches. For those who haven't heard of Mike, he competed Nationally and Internationally in Weightlifting for the last 10 years. He medalled at 3 National Championships and 5 American Open Championships, taking out the title in 2011 as American Open Champion, while also being selected to the United States Pan American & Olympic Qualification Teams in 2012. So it was pretty exciting to get to have someone with this knowledge and experience come work with us on this. 

Our coaches had a great time during this clinic, and learned a lot. They're excited to relay some of the information onto our athletes so everyone can benefit from this. A few takeaways: 

- You may see more work coming in with snatch balance, OHS, working those full depth squats, and mobility. We can ALL benefit from this, it's not easy but takes practice. 

- Our coaches are going to start really encouraging EVERYBODY to hit that bottom position of their squat. By bottom, we mean BOTTOM. Most of us at the clinic sat down as low as we thought we could, then Mike had us sit even lower. This may mean taking some of your loads down a little bit in order to reach that full depth position but you will benefit from this in the long term. 

- For athletes with knee issues, back issues, wrist issues, etc. we took away a handful of mobility drills that we can incorporate for you guys. If you're really wanting to see improvement with mobility, ultimately its going to be on you guys to add these stretches and exercises into your routines throughout the week, coming in a little early or staying after class to work on some of these stiff spots. Be sure to talk with the coaches on these so we can make sure you're moving correctly and being smart.

- Additionally for movements like OHS, where we hear a lot about wrists hurting. Yes, they do hurt at first. As Mike put it, think about the first time you did a lunge or squat, you were sore from it because you hadn't developed those muscles yet. But working your wrists in these positions a little more often will help strengthen them and you'll slowly begin to notice it being less painful. 

- 1 rep snatches. The amount of time we spent focused on the full snatch was minimal in comparison to the clinic as a whole. We spent a lot more time focusing on the fundamental building blocks of that lift, working proper movement through those key points at lighter loads, pausing in the correct positions, and working the basics of our squats. Everyone can benefit from this moving forward with our training, really focus on proper form before loading on weights. 

Feel free to check out Power Monkey Fitness for more information on this and we look forward to sharing some of this with all of you!