Member Spotlight: Carrie Rapp

Nickname: CareBear

Where Are you From? : Springfield, OR

When Did you Start Crossfit?: Just over 4yrs ago

Most Frequented Class Time: 9am

Occupation and/or Hobbies : CrossFit gym owner/coach, Fitness, reading/watching movies, hanging out with friends and family. Drinking coffee

If you had to write an "About Me" what would it say?: I'm married for the last 18years to my best friend David and we have 5 wonderful very different kids. I was an ACE personal trainer for over 3 years before CrossFit. I love coffee and cats. My favorite thing to do is going on drives with David and having lunch with friends after the gym. I love being a mom even when my kids drive me crazy. I love being home and lazy days on the couch.


Do you have any pets? : 3 cats, Neo, Trinity and Nahla
3 chihuahuas, Pixie, Godzilla, Rosie

Favorite Movements or Workouts: Squats, Pull-ups, Burpee Box Jumps

Least Favorite Movements or Workouts : Wall Balls, Karen

2 Goals you're working on: 

1. Outside gym: making more time for my husband and kids. Trying to find balance between work and home.

2. In the Gym: Progress with pushing my limits a little more slowly. Having goals but being safe and patient. And keep striving to make changes, learn from mistakes and make our SCF reach its full potential!

Favorite Cheat Meal: Ice cream

Biggest Crossfit / Fitness Achievement so far : Professionally: owning and successfully operating a CrossFit. 

Personally: that it's ok if my fitness goals are not the same as others, I have goals and I need to focus on achieving them.

Something people at the gym probably don't know about you: Maybe that I didn't play sports growing up, and I never really ever watch sports. And that I was heavy into running before CrossFit, and I only starting lifting regularly after I received my ACE personal training certification at a Globo gym 4.5 years before starting CrossFit.

When not working or at the gym, you can be found doing...: Hanging with my family. On the coach with a blanket, cup of coffee and a cat on my lap

What’s the strangest talent you have?: I don't know if it's strange, but I can remember lots of probably useless information.

What is one thing still left on your bucket list?: Travel somewhere outside of the US, like Italy, or Hawaii.

If you could have any one superpower, which would you choose?: Telepathy

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Emoji: Smiley face 😂

“Carrie is as nice a person as you could ever meet, always greets you with a smile and is constantly working to improve the gym for our members and coaches.”
— Barry Carel
The thing I admire most about my mom is her patience to deal with people who sometimes don’t deserve it. Patience is something I’m still trying to perfect in my life and it helps that I have an extremely patient mom.
— Alyssa Rapp