Crossfit Foundations: What to Expect

So you're interested in starting Crossfit? Awesome! We want to help you. Our foundations course is where you'll start. This is a smaller class that lasts 4 weeks with classes 2x a week. These classes are 1 hour long. During these 4 weeks, you will be taught the basic fundamentals of the movements we do in Crossfit. This includes all of our lifting movements as well as gymnastics movements. Our main focus in these 4 weeks is to make sure you are learning how to perform these movements SAFELY. 

By the end of the 4 weeks, our goal is for you to feel confident enough in what you've learned to feel ready to jump into a regular class. We know this transition can be scary at first, but we promise, you'll be ready! And if not, our coaches are here to help you at any pace you need to get you ready for that jump. 

What types of people can do Crossfit? 

That's the great thing about CROSSFIT! Any one can do it. Every movement is scalable and adjustable to whatever level you are at. We always start you with little to no weight, it's more about getting the proper movement down first. Once we see that you can move correctly without weight, we will slowly start adding weight. With gymnastics moves, like pull ups, most people don't walk into the gym with the strength to do pull ups. We start you on the ground first, building up those muscles and as that strength develops, we will move you through progressions that lead towards a pull up. Every single movement we do in Crossfit, can be scalable to any level of fitness. 

What does a normal class look like? 

Most days will being the the class stretching and warming up together. The coach will likely circle everybody up and lead you through some basic stretching and warm up drills. After you've warmed up, you'll be instructed through some sort of lifting or skill work. After that, your coach will explain the day's WOD (workout of the day) and help you get set up for it. Your coach will also help you scale all movements to whatever level you are at. The class will do the workout together and you'll likely end the hour with some high fives. The main point of this is that you aren't on your own in these classes. You have a coach there to help you, ask questions, and make sure you are moving safely. You also have a bunch of friends in the class who are there to encourage and support you. 

What do I bring to my first Crossfit class? 

Your first Crossfit Foundations class will cover this in depth a lot more. But generally when you show up, you're going to want to have on some workout clothes, workout shoes, and bring a water. We have water fountains available too. Otherwise, just bring a good attitude and motivation to work hard while you're here. This should be a fun environment that you look forward to coming to! 


Welcome to the new home of Sumner Crossfit! We've done so much inside of the gym that we felt our website needed an update to reflect it! We hope this website provides you with all the information you may be looking for about our gym. For members as well as those looking to drop in or join us, take a look around and if you have any questions, shoot us a message! Just a brief summary of what you can find around here on our NEW SITE! 

First and foremost, we want you to know how to join us! Our class schedule has been updated and pricing is listed, you can check it all out right here: 

We've updated our coaching page. 

We've added an online shop. You can pay for DROP INS and MEMBERSHIPS here. We've also partnered with Northwest Lift Apparel to offer a few new gear options. These will be shipped directly from their manufacturing to your doorstep! 

The daily WOD feed. We post our workouts daily on the Facebook page but it is available to be seen here as well. For the most current updates and announcements, always check our Facebook page first. 

We hope you find yourself at home here on the new site! Again, any questions- don't hesitate to let us know!