Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should New members expect from their first CrossFit or METCON class?
Sumner CrossFit is very welcoming and friendly to our Newbies. We provide a strong Community that supports, pushes and promotes camaraderie among our members. Our experienced Coaches provide excellent motivation and instruction to all of our members.

Classes are Coach led with a Warm-up, Active/Dynamic Stretches, a Strength/Skill, and a MetCon. Coaches will scale movements or loads for our members accordingly.

2. Do I need prior experience to take Classes?
*CrossFit Classes DO require our Newbies to take our Foundations Course, unless they have prior CrossFit experience. CrossFit incorporates various modals of fitness and proper instruction is important.

*METCON Classes do NOT require Foundations to begin and there is NO barbell or heavy lifting. Movements are lightly loaded or body weight, focusing on Isolated strength movements and conditioning, and are perfect for any fitness level.

3. Do I have to be in shape to take CrossFit or METCON classes?
No. CrossFit and METCON are designed for all ages and fitness levels, ranging from beginners, teens, masters and advanced athletes. CrossFit is unique in its universal scalability, meaning any individual from any fitness level can perform the same workout scaling up or down on load or movements based on their individual capabilities.

4. Do I need to warm-up and stretch before class?
Members are welcome to come warm-up, stretch or roll out before class begins. In addition our Coaches provide a warm-up and Active/Dynamic stretches before the Strength and MetCon every class.

5. Does SCF accept Drop Ins?

Yes! Any athlete with previous Crossfit experience is welcome to drop in our Facility to workout. Drop in fees are $15, check out our class schedule!

6. Can I take the CrossFit classes everyday?
Yes and No. We highly recommend that our beginners start with 3 days a week, allotting for a rest day in between training. (EX Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Proper rest and recovery time ensure that individuals can adjust to their new strength and conditioning training. All Newbies and regulars require appropriate rest and recover time ensuring maximum strength and conditioning results.

Experienced athletes can train more frequently, as training and intensities are individually based.

7. What attire is recommended to take CrossFit or METCON classes?
Members should wear cool, comfortable, easy moving attire such as shorts, yoga pants, tees or tank tops. Recommended foot wear include Training shoes and or Lifters. Please bring water, a towel, and a positive attitude!

8. What makes CrossFit different from other gyms?
The CrossFit program varies in intensity, load and time domain, mixing various modals of fitness to build a strong foundation of fitness. CrossFit’s format produces maximum results based on each individuals specific fitness goals, and our SCF Coaches will provide structure, proper instruction, scaling and accountability for any level of athlete.

The biggest difference? Our strong Community of like minded individuals who focus on living healthier active lives while supporting and keeping each other accountable.

9. Are there any limitations to taking CrossFit or METCON classes?
No. Age and fitness level are NOT limiting factors to attend CrossFit or METCON classes. All workouts, movements and loads are scalable to any fitness level.

*Foundations is required for all Newbies, without previous CrossFit experience.

10. How do I find out more information about CrossFit and their movements and principles?

New members can visit our What is CrossFit page for more information, terminology and links to

Members can also visit our Movement Gallery for movement images and video links explaining all the movements frequently used in CrossFit.

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