2018 Regionals Team 

We are so excited to be sending a team down to compete at the West Regionals this year! This has been a huge goal for our gym and it's so great to finally be able to see some of our Banecats compete in a team dynamic. For those who aren't in the Crossfit world, gyms across the world spend 5 weeks competing in an online competition called the Crossfit Open. Each week, theres a different workout. These workouts are judged and scores are submitted online, the top scores all sort out onto a leaderboard over the 5 week period. There were 3,666 teams worldwide; 473 teams in our region, and Sumner Crossfit took 23rd in our region! 

Event Information

Regionals will take place May 25th-27th, in Del Mar, California. You can get more information about the event center  and weekend here. Tickets are available HERE via Crossfit's website. 



You will have several options for watching every exciting moment of all nine Regional competitions: Every heat will be broadcast live on Facebook LiveGames.CrossFit.comCBSSports.com and the CBS Sports App. Also, if you enjoyed the Games on CBS, we have good news for you: This is the first time that Regionals will be broadcast on TV. Scroll down to view complete details and times for all viewing options.


You can also watch all the action and engage with the community and broadcast team right on social media through Facebook Live.


Stream more than 200 hours of live coverage of the CrossFit Games Regionals on the following CBS platforms:

  • CBSSports.com for desktop and mobile web. The video player will feature separate channels for each region and VOD content including previews, recaps and more.
  • CBS Sports mobile app for iOS and Android
  • CBS Sports app for key connected TV devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Roku